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Group Exercise Etiquette The Do’s And Dont Of Taking A Fitness Class

I have been wanting to write this for a long time. Most people who enter a Group Exercise Class unprepared with no idea what’s about to happen during that class, tend to sabotage their workout before it has even begun, or set themselves up for a bad experience weather with other members or the instructor.

Bad group exercise experiences are often due to the member coming in with the wrong mindset. We all have bad days, but the gym is your stress release. Think of group exercise classes as the movie Matrix When you enter the gym or take a class you are entering the matrix, once the class is over you walk out into the real world.

Everything is perfect in the matrix, this is your time and you came there for a reason. Your reason is not to be on your phone, coming late or doing your own routine in a group exercise class. It’s the gateway to forgetting the problems or drama your dealing with for that 30, 45 or even hour workout in a healthy way. Afterwards your mind will be clear to handle anything.

The only thing that should be on your mind when you walk into a group exercise class is to listen and follow what the instructor has mapped out.

The instructors job is to guide, motivate and instruct the entire class through a safe and effective workout experience as a group, that’s all. After that you a the judge to weather that class is for you or not, and it’s ok if it’s not. There are plenty of classes on the schedule to try. I am a advocate of trying out all the classes and see which one is a good fit for you. What will happen when you find the right fit is you will be committed and consistent which will equal reaching some pretty amazing goals.

There is no manual on group exercise class, but there is common sense and group exercise ettique which goes along way and should be followed.

Below I am going to break it down in common sense and ettique for you, so that way you can be assured to have a best and rewarding group exercise class experience which will make you and everyone in class including the instructor happy. Let’s get started with…

ARRIVING TO CLASS ON TIME: The warm-up at the beginning of the class is an important part of the workout. It gets the body warm and blood circulating and ready for what’s to come. Every class has a specific warm up for the fitness program they are instructing, so try to arrive on-time.

Please do not enter any class if you are more than 10 minutes late, you have missed the warm up and by than it becomes a distraction not to mention a safety issue because the body is not prepared to handle the workout and put you at a high risk for an injury.

BRING A TOWEL: People who work out at the gym weather taking a class or working out on the gym floor should always bring a to wipe your sweat.

When the body temperature rises you sweat. Also you can use a towel when are on machines, mats or using shared exercise equipment to reduce the spread of any bacteria or fungal infections.

If your hands do manage to pick up bacteria, you could transfer the infection to your face through your fingers and end up with nasties such as pimples or other fungal infections.

If you can, try to carry a second smaller towel to use for wiping your face and use your standard gym towel to put over the equipment when using it.

BRING A WATER BOTTLE: Whether you’re a serious athlete or simply exercising for recreation, it’s important to stay hydrated. Good hydration means getting the right amount of water before, during, and after exercise. Water regulates your body temperature and lubricates your joints. It helps transport nutrients to give you energy and keep you healthy.

If you’re not hydrated, your body can’t perform at its highest level. Just as not properly being warmed up. You may feel tired, have muscle cramps, dizziness, or other serious symptoms.

GROUP EXERCISE ATTIRE: Appropriate exercise attire and shoes must be worn. (Ladies beware or the leggings you buy. Some brands may look like solid colors, but once you squat or bend can be very transparent.) So to avoid embarrassment double before you buy. Also the appropriate footwear should be worn all classes except mindbody requires the members to wear sneakers. Never take a strength training or cardio classes barefoot. It dangerous.

PERSONAL BELONGINGS: Please leave all personal belongings in the locker room. Space is limited in the group exercise room, so bringing your belongings in class will take up space and become a safe issue. So bring a lock to lock it up. Some facilities have self combination lockers where you can pick your own password if you dont have a lock for even better security.

RESPECT A MEMBERS SPACE: Be considerate of other memebers workout space. Group exercise is about moving around and up don’t want to be on top of each other, but if you bump into someone or find yourself in someone’s way or space, a quick smile of apology will go a long way.

DONT DO YOUR OWN ROUTINE: Follow the instructor’s routine. We are certified in the format we are presenting. We train very hard and long to bring the format you are about to experience. Don’t modify the exercise unless instructed to do so for your own as well as the other members safety.

If you find yourself unable to do majority of the exercises that could be a sign that maybe the class is not for you. This is one of the reasons to try many classes and find the one that’s right for you.

Branching out and doing your own routine in class is rude, distracting and confusing to the other members and the instructor, it throws everyone off.

NO CELL PHONES IN CLASS: Turn your cell phone or mobile device off as soon as you arrive or better yet, leave it in your locker. A loud, distracting ringtone or texting in the middle of class is disrespectful to the other members and instructor.

Remember the matrix I mentioned earlier? Well this is it… This is your time to unplug from the distractions, stress and drama of your day.

COOL DOWN: The cool down is crucial to the body and it’s best when done while the body is still warm. So stay until the class ends. You’ll benefit from the stretches, increase your flexibility and recover faster from muscle soreness, etc.

CLASS SIGN UP: Certain classes require a sign up due to limited space and or equipment. So ask the front desk staff if the class you want to take requires a sign up.

BE CONSIDERATE: Please be considerate to the previous class and wait for the previous class to conclude before entering the studio to set up for the next scheduled class. If you are in the previous class, once it concluded grab your towel, water bottle and exit the class. If you have questions for the instructor you can wait outside of the group exercise class. This will assure for a smooth transition for the class that is coming in.

THANK YOU: Your corporation is greatly appreciated and will help assure everyone’s group exercise experience is safe and beneficial. Showing your respect for the instructor and heighten the sense of teamwork with the other members.

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