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Dan lost 50 pounds and 25 inches with working out 30 minutes a day! He worked hard to gain control of his health and fitness! Here’s his story in his words.

“I was extremely depressed, obese, pre-diabetic, had dangerously high blood-pressure, and hated life. That same year, I tried the Workout On Demand and ended up losing about 100 pounds! I felt amazing! My doctor was thrilled with my transformation. However, he wanted me to get off of my anxiety medication. Over the next year, my medication was changed and reduced multiple times. It felt like I was getting more depressed each day and fell into my old eating habits. I ended up putting 70 pounds back on. I was back to being extremely self-conscious about my body. I hated how I felt and looked. I felt so defeated.

In March, I did a 30 minutes a day workout and started slowly getting back to working out and eating healthy. One day, I was stretching before my first workout. I was lying on the floor looking up at the ceiling. I felt lost. I felt like giving up, but I decided to FIGHT. I told myself that my only option in life is to go all in with my health and fitness. In order to live a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life, I needed to get in shape and feel amazing. From that point forward, I was going to live my life to its fullest potential.

Workout On Demand was the perfect solution for me. ‘Maxing Out’ and ‘Digging Deeper’ are great analogies of the many challenges we face in life. I fought through the workouts. I fought through my depression. Now, I feel amazing. I am happy to be alive. I am winning! This is the BEST I’ve ever felt in my life!

I love the intensity and I was only working out for 30 minutes a day. It is as much of a mental workout as it is a physical workout. You have to push yourself to fight through every single second. It is so rewarding and makes you feel amazing! This program has helped me realize that I am so much stronger than I had ever imagined. I am so proud of my physical results. I am a size medium shirt and size 34 pants! What?? Yup! I’m starting to see my ABS. I look and feel amazing!! The internal transformation is the most important part. I am happy. I am confident. I am the most optimistic I have ever been. Life is so good! I am happy to be alive and am excited for the future.

I am truly happy for the first time in my life. I know that signing up to Workout On Demand, and my accountability coach have all played a major role in saving my life.”

†Results vary based on starting point and effort.

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